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How To Use a Virtual Assistant

Case studies of how some of our clients use virtual assistant staffer to improve their business

Lemon Law Firm

Business Plan

17 Subcontractors 

10,960+ Man-days

$876,880+ Savings on Payroll

Lemon Law Firm is the leading monoline law firm operating nationwide keeping 1/3 of the whole market. We dramatically reduce their operating expenses while increasing customer service and case processing speed. Because our contractors provide phone secretary, appointment coordinator, document processor, data entry, and mailing clerk services. We are continuously developing solutions and supporting their growth with dedicated experts overseas.

Construction Company from South Florida

Construction Worker

10 Subcontractors 

1,880+ Man-days

$147,034+ Savings on Payroll

Our client - Construction Company from South Florida. They do residential and commercial construction throughout whole South Florida including insurance covered. Subcontracting 8 construction administrators (English and Spanish speaking), 1 back office controller and 1 accountant allowed the company to build stronger business and process more repairs for insurance companies. 
The company keeps subcontracting remote construction administrators cutting off personnel and physical office costs.

Bankruptcy Law Practice

Judge Gavel

3 Subcontractors 

4,280+ Man-days

$42,020+ Savings on Payroll   

The Bankruptcy Practice is rapidly developing law firm. Our contractors provide paralegal, phone secretary, and mailing clerk services. The practice is working on creating the whole center run on our subcontractors. 

Small Medical Office 

Home Nurse Making Bed

1 Subcontractors 

1,170+ Man-days

$9,408+ Savings on Payroll   

The Medical office hired just one contractor to fulfill several responsibilities such as customer service, medical records processing.

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