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Remote Virtual Assistant FAQs

Please review our frequently asked questions to learn more about virtual assistants and how they can help you accomplish your business goals.

  • How International subcontracting works?
    Easy as one-two-three. You select a contractor overseas you want to work for your business. Our firm bases in Florida, USA contracts the selected contractor. Your business contracts our firm to subcontract the selected. You pay invoices of Tetri Connections weekly or monthly. Tetri Connections pays the subcontractor monthly. See more on our Plans & Pricing
  • Can U.S. Companies Legally Hire Foreigners Living in Other Countries as Remote Workers?
    Hiring for remote services is 100% legal and has been a common practice within the IT sector for many years. As per the IRS, U.S. Labor Department, Social Security Administration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and U.S. Small Business Administration regulations, it is a 100% legitimate business. Visit this page for more information.
  • Paying $2.39/H ($400/Month) Seems Too Good To Be True. Where Is the Catch?
    The average monthly earnings of employees in Georgia, EU, is 1350 GEL (equivalent to $508.52 on 12/21/2022) per National Statistics Office of Georgia. So, $2.39/h ($400/month) is a competitive monthly wage in Georgia, EU. There is no catch with our services. We offer high-quality service and professionalism for the best price in the market.
  • In the Aspect of Accents, Why Are Georgian Associates Preferred Over Non-native Speakers?
    There are two main reasons. The first one is that Georgians have a less noticeable accent due to a native language phonation. They have better accents on average than any other non-native speakers. Secondly, the labor market in Georgia, EU, is business-friendly. So, our wages are low in U.S. dollars but comparable to a competitive pay rate in Georgia, EU.
  • Does Hiring a Georgian Virtual Assistant Make Financial Sense for My Business?
    There are several reasons why outsourcing to virtual assistants can make financial sense: Cost savings: With a Georgian VA, you can save up to 80% in employee expenses. Hiring a virtual contract assistant is often more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee, as you don't have to consider paying for benefits, office space, or equipment as you would in the United States. Increased efficiency: Virtual assistants are highly skilled and can handle various tasks, which can free up your time to focus on revenue-generating activities. Georgian VAs can handle the tasks you don't like or don't have time to complete. Your focus remains on the success of your business, while a trustworthy assistant handles other tasks. Flexibility: You can hire a virtual assistant on a part-time or project-by-project basis, which allows you to scale up or down as needed. Regardless of the tier monthly plan you choose at Tetri Connections, give us a 10-day notice to cancel your agreement at any time. There are no risks, and we remain available to help you if you want to change your assistant or cancel. Access to an extensive talent pool: With Tetri Connections, you can hire from a talent pool, allowing you to find the best fit for your business needs. Our vetting process is reliable, and we remain transparent. You can review candidate profiles to oversee resumes and conduct zoom interviews before signing a contract. You don't have to worry about hiring costs and losing business time.
  • What if I Don't Have a Consistent Workload for My Virtual Assistant?
    No worries! We understand how business operations can change from one season to the next. Tetri Connections does not require a minimal workload or task assignments for virtual assistants to have an ongoing agreement. Regardless of how many or how little tasks may arise for your needs, you can rest assured a VA is available when you are in need.
  • How Long Does It Take To Get Started With a Georgian Virtual Assistant?
    Hiring a virtual assistant from Georgia, EU, is straightforward with Tetri Connections. Here's a brief overview of the steps in our easy contracting process: Browse the Tetri Connection talent pool for your industry. Select a candidate and submit your request. Schedule a zoom interview. Sign your contract agreement. Start assigning tasks for your virtual assistant.
  • Can I Hire Contractors Directly for My Company?
    Business owners have the freedom to choose independent sourcing for contractors. However, with this option, you have to consider the costs of monthly money transfers (There is no PayPal in Georgia yet, you need to wire money for $45-50 via Bank on a monthly basis), no safeguarding, losing the benefit of a free trial, and forgoing the support of an experienced firm. At Tetri Connections, our client base enjoys the freedom and flexibility of partnering with our firm to handle the backend aspects of virtual assisting services. Based on your selected tier of services, a monthly payment covers all aspects of your task assignments and contractor payment. With our experienced firm, you'll consistently feel at ease because of our swift and orderly processes.
  • What if I Don't Like My Remote Assistant or Need To Cancel?
    If you need to change your virtual assistant, we don't ask any questions. We guide you through the process and pair you with another immediately available assistant. If it's time to cancel your agreement, no problem. You can submit a ten-day notice, and our team will help resolve any pending tasks within your ten-day cancellation period. You are free to rejoin any time you'd like and remember: no minimum workload is required for an assistant to remain available.
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