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Hire the Best Talent in Georgia, EU

Tetri Connections is your go-to virtual assistant talent agency for many industries. Find the best Contractors for hire through Tetri Connections.

Hire the best Virtual Assistants - Tetri Connections

Experts in Georgia, Europe Work for Your U.S. Business

We are a team of professionals dedicated to connecting the US businesses

with highly skilled and reliable virtual assistants in Georgia, EU. 

1. We find talented individuals in Georgia, EU who are:

  •  Fluent in English or Spanish

  • Professional Bachelor's Degree Language Translators

  • Have Light British Accent

  • Independently Certified by  

2. You contract our US based company, and we subcontract selected talents.

3. Selected talents:

  • Work exclusively for your business (in employee manner)

  • Reduce Costs related to Payroll by as much as 80%

  • Pay only for the job done. 

See how we helped Business in the US to save $1M+.

We're committed to creating ease between your company and its access to the best virtual assistants via 100% legit international subcontracting scheme. Whether you need assistance with scheduling, data entry, customer service, or any other task, our contractors have the skills and experience to complete tasks efficiently and effectively.

If you're interested in working with one of our talented contractors, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping your business succeed! 

Our Talent Pool Features Expertise in 10+ Industries

Our range of contractors is available to help your business succeed. We understand every business is different and cohesiveness is essential throughout daily operations. A virtual assistant aims to support your company's success by reducing your workload and completing tasks all while in a remote setting.


Alleviating your need to oversee mundane tasks and projects can help you focus on the growth and expansion of your business. Regardless of your company's size, structure, and experience, a skilled virtual assistant can help. Our virtual assistants are educated and harness strong organization, communication, and administrative skills.


Browse our pool of talented contractors to reach the virtual assistant you need in your industry. 

Hire Customer service Virtual Assistants - Tetri Connections

Customer service

Hire Human resources Virtual Assistants - Tetri Connections

Human resources

Marketing - Tetri Connections

Marketing & Sales

Hire Logistics & Trucking Virtual Assistants - Tetri Connections

Logistics & Trucking

Real estate - Tetri Connections

Construction/Property management

Competitive Pricing for Virtual Assistant Services

We are committed to connecting businesses with highly skilled and dependable virtual assistants at Tetri Connections. Our contractors are carefully selected through our vetting process for their excellent language skills and technological proficiency. We evaluate language proficiency and educational backgrounds while vetting candidates. We also value language proficiency certifications in the industry and base our talent pool on these standards.


Our clients deserve the high standard found in our talent pool, and we remain committed to offering competitive rates for hiring the best remote virtual assistants from Georgia, EU.


The combination of skills we look for helps us offer you or pair you with someone who can complete tasks efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your business can operate smoothly and achieve its goals. Whether you need assistance in healthcare, legal, accounting, customer service, or another industry, Tetri Connections may help you in getting connected with the best fit for your business.


Our talented contractors are distributed by skillset, language fluency, and years of experience in the market. Depending on the goals and needs of your business operations, three monthly tier options are available to consider when hiring remote talent for virtual assistance from Georgia, EU. 

Easy Steps to Hire a Virtual Assistant

In any industry, time is valuable and of the essence. If you're seeking assistance for every task that helps progress your business, going through a traditional hiring process is lengthy. At Tetri Connections, we aim to close the gaps between talent access, communication, and business productivity.


Our contractors possess strong language abilities and are technologically proficient, enabling them to effectively and efficiently complete your tasks. When speaking with professional virtual assistants, you'll feel at ease with their communication, as it is with minor to no accent or language barriers. The hiring process in the U.S. market can be lengthy and challenging, and the economy wavers, but with Tetri Connections, our outsourced talent pool remains reliable.


Here are the easy steps in our process for hiring a dedicated virtual assistant in your field: 

Step 1 for Hiring Virtual Assistants – Tetri Connections

Browse and Select a Candidate

Accessing available talent within your industry is easy with our network. Browse and select candidates based on your monthly tier and industry needs.

Step 2 for Hiring Virtual Assistants – Tetri Connections

Interview via Zoom

After you select a suitable contractor, you can leave a request. Our team will handle interview scheduling and pairing candidates with your business.

Step 2 for Hiring Virtual Assistants – Tetri Connections

Contract Agreement

Once you select, interview, and choose your contractor, our team will send you the necessary documents to sign. Your virtual assistant will be ready to start working in no time.

Step 4 for Hiring Virtual Assistants – Tetri Connections

Get Started

After signing the documents, your qualified virtual assistant can begin receiving and completing work tasks efficiently for your business.

Why Should I Choose an Outsourced VA Contractor From Georgia, EU?

In the United States, hiring quality talent requires time, costs, and other factors. With our experienced team, you'll find ease accessing an assistant. The competitive rates we offer our U.S. clients include a competitive salary and pay in their economy. Georgia, EU is a business-friendly economy, and Tetri Connections links you with the best talent in the industry.


Our virtual assistant agency serves business owners to create more time for their focus to remain on their company goals. By acquiring our trustworthy services, you'll gain a reliable virtual assistant and the support of our certified agency. We handle the transactions and payments according to your contract and monthly tier plan.


Regardless of how little or often you have business tasks for your specialist, we remain available throughout your service contract. 

Less payroll


Save up to 80% of your payroll. Compared to U.S. labor and wages, our contractors are an excellent solution for valuable V.A. services at your preferred price. Based on your monthly tier, VA Services can start at $2.39 per hour.

Legal VA Services


Our services are 100% legitimate per IRS, U.S. Labor Department, Social Security Administration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and U.S. Small Business Administration regulations. Click here for additional info.

Added expenses


At Tetri Connections, you only pay for jobs completed. There are no costly benefits, taxes, or insurance requirements. You don't need a minimum job volume, and you can cancel with a 10-day notice. There are also no unemployment benefits involved.

Free trial


No risks involved, and no credit card is required. Don't like your contractor? – no questions asked. You can cancel, or we'll find you an immediate replacement.

Assess a General Georgian Accent When Speaking English

The fluency of our contractors in English makes them well-suited for various tasks, including interacting with clients and handling bookkeeping. Many of our contractors are bilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and German, as well as their native language, Georgian. Your business can depend on clear communication with a skilled and versatile virtual assistant.

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Hire a Remote Virtual Assistant for Your U.S. Company

Get a virtual contractor with Tetri Connections to save time, costs, and focus on growing your business.

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